Born and raised in the city of Detroit, Shea Hicks Whitfield has 18 years of real estate service under her belt, happily serving customers throughout Metro Detroit. Her experience as a first-time home buyer was the driving force to her becoming a Realtor. Her commitment to quality is what guides her to provide the very best customer service to each client she has the privilege to represent.

“As a Realtor, my goal is to treat everyone the way I would like my family to be treated in a similar situation. My love for all things Metro Detroit makes each transaction something special because my work is contributing to strengthening the very fabric of our community. I love this community, my clients, and my work. Every day presents another opportunity to help someone make their dream come true.”

Shea is currently a Realtor for PREP Reality, Detroit, a team of young, tech-savvy agents that pride themselves on doing things differently. They are extremely involved in the community with a hyper-focus on Detroit-proper. Click here to learn more about PREP Reality, Detroit.